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From colleagues

Laraib’s flag, at the project site, was flown at half-mast
in honour of Henry Perez until his body left Pakistan.

“The last days spent with Mr. Henrique are very memorable / unforgettable for me. I was with him at the moment when he left us and I can’t forget the pain of that day.
I will never forget the time spent with him because sir Henrique gave so much to remember.”

From Babar Khalid

“… Sir Henrique was a complete school of thoughts for young, mid carrier and senior engineers and specialist staff, He was kind hearted and sound personality who always preferred to transfer his knowledge to his juniors & subordinates.
I have not seen such an organized, intelligent and self-actualized person like Henrique in my professional carrier
Sir Henrique I miss you”

From Sajid Mehmood Social and Resettlement Specialist at the Tarbela project where Henry worked in Pakistan

“… I have been personally working with Mr. Perez for execution of T4 project for almost a year, Mr. Perez was inspirational to everyone work with him; he was a strong leader and worked hard  in directing the project  toward Employer’s target.  The departure of Mr. Perez is also a great loss for T4CJV, and for T4 project.  We will miss him as a tough but fair customer, a resourceful supporter, an impartial dispute arbitrator, an effective project leader.
With my deepest sympathy”

From Hui Sun, Project Director, VHS

“Henrique was a great person, helpful, honest and kind hearted, he epitomized the qualities of a true gentleman …
He was an icon of the hydropower industry and his services for the hydropower sector of Pakistan are immense and will always be remembered with affection.
Our new Bong Hydropower Project owes great gratitude to him for guiding the project to completion and providing the right advice at the right time. Without Henrique’s able handling, it would not have been possible for Laraib energy to deliver a robust and strong project.
Henrique will truly be missed by us all …”

From Khalid Mansoor, Chairman of Laraib Energy Ltd.

“Henri was not only a giant in the hydropower sector but he is a giant as a man and a human being. This gap can never be filled we can only learn to manage it.”

From Khalid Faizi, ex-CEO of Lraib Energy, currently key shareholder

“When I first met Henrique at the Laraib construction site at AJ Kashmir it was obvious I was in the presence of a very special person and giant of an engineer who was entirely comfortable in his domain. I always enjoyed Henrique’s company and his lovely wife, Pat, especially over evening meals in Islamabad. Henrique always managed to explain even the most complex so situations in such clear, concise and absolute terms and I have retained some of his workings for interest and prosperity.
Rarely has a man made such a lasting and incisive impact and we remained friends long after I retired from Pakistan. I will very much miss his warm and witty presence.
Rest in peace my friend.”

From Vince Harris OBE, a former colleague

“Henrique Perez was a Learning School for us.
Good Joker.
Good Rider.
Good Psychologist
Good Manager.
Good Planner.
Good Better & Best ……!
In short we are speechless …!”

From the members of the Document Control Section – T4CJV, Pakistan Aqeel Rana, Nazir, Rashid Minhas & Kamran Ali

“I started work with sir henrique at New Bong Escape Hydel Project. He was very kind and a helping person. We never thought that we are working in a firm but Sir henrique created the office like a family is working here. He supported everyone in hour of need. Surely he always used to make very very funny jokes and we could not stop our laughter. He always taught others and always deliver his best so that others should also become professional and got higher level in field where ever they go. During the time of sir henrique illness, i was with him to take care of him. i personally observed that he was very kind hearted and once he asked me or qaiser, is there any thing bad in me which you (people) don’t like so that i can get rid of that habit. i said i don’t like when you are in angry mood. sir henrique smiled and said that’s not an anger but teaching to you people so that you not made that mistake again. i saw sir henrique leaving this world in front of my eyes and that time tears were in my eyes. The time that i spent with sir henrique during his illness, will always be in my mind a happy memory. May his soul rest in peace. Amen! i am much thankful to all those people, sir hasnain haider, abdul majeed sb, baber khalid who supported and showed their love to sir henrique.”

From Qaiser Iqbal (with him until the end)

“I saw Henry as a big-hearted and kind-hearted man, who was generous with his support for those around him.
The world is undoubtedly a poorer place without Henry, but his legacy will live on in those who have acquired Henry’s values, and there will be very many of those.
My condolences to Pat and the Perez family.”

From Steven Jackson, Divisional Director, Mott MacDonald

“Henrique was an inspirational figure within the hydropower world and incredibly well respected and admired in Pakistan for his work on Tarbela and previously the New Bong project. We extend our condolences and sympathy to the Perez family.”

From David Boyland, Divisional Director, Mott MacDonald

“The shocking news of sudden death of Henrique Perez has really jolted my heart. As Construction Manager, he had frequent inter-action with me. I always found him working for the project diligently. He kept his whole time around him and put everybody to work willingly. He had full command on his profession and prevailed in whatever challenging circumstances come by. I feel that I have not only lost a competent and energetic Construction Manager but a very good friend also.
I think that MML as his parent department will miss him for a long time.
I would request you to please also convey my heart felt sentiments to the family of Henrique Perez who has lost a precious gentleman.”

From Sohail Khan Chief Engineer / Project Director Tarbela 4th Extension HP

“Henry was larger than life and a pleasure to work with. Henry was so well known in the hydropower sector. I’ve spoken to many of our recruitment agents who are also shocked and saddened by this news. Our thoughts and love go to the Perez family. We will never forget Henry.”

From Rob N. Power, Recruitment Manager, Mott MacDonald (Brighton)

“Man is a mortal being everyone has to die later or sooner But,
Till my last breath, me and my family will remember him in good words.
RIP 😥 . Stay Blessed.”

From Muhammad Aqeel Rana (Neighbour and part of Henry’s team)

“It is always difficult to write even few words on the loss of a Team Member. And it becomes more difficult when the person is a competent and caring Team Leader, a rare quality combined. Being the new Office Manager at Lahore I only met him for few minutes once to see him off, when he was leaving for Tarbela after visiting Lahore Office. I still remember the cordial way he met me, and when I was introducing myself I got astonished when he called me by my name, which he read on the first e-mail sent to site office, Cc to him. This shows the caliber of the man, and that short encounter revealed to me that he is a clear headed and straight forwarded person.
I pray for him for life hereafter and for the Family to give them Patience and Courage to bear this LOSS.”

From Lt Col Javaid Ahmed Kamal (Retd),TI(M) Office Manager, Document Control Manager

“It is always difficult to write even few words on the loss of a Team Member. And it becomes more difficult when the person is a competent and caring Team Leader, a rare quality combined. Being the new Office Manager at Lahore I only met him for few minutes once to see him off, when he was leaving for Tarbela after visiting Lahore Office. I still remember the cordial way he met me, and when I was introducing myself I got astonished when he called me by my name, which he read on the first e-mail sent to site office, Cc to him. This shows the caliber of the man, and that short encounter revealed to me that he is a clear headed and straight forwarded person.
I pray for him for life hereafter and for the Family to give them Patience and Courage to bear this LOSS.”

From Lt Col Javaid Ahmed Kamal (Retd),TI(M) Office Manager, Document Control Manager

“Mott MacDonald Pakistan Management, and its staff express profound grief on his death. He was a great team member and a wonderful Construction Manager at Tarbela 4th Extension Project. His leadership provided inspiration to the project staff at site. May his soul rest in peace.”

From the work Mott MacDonald Pakistan Management

“The Ultimate Designer has designed this world in a way that everybody here has a fixed time to depart which cannot be compromised under any circumstances. The difference is made by the fact that how one succeeds to make him relevant to help remedy any of the need of the fellow beings. Henrique chose for him a role of Engineer and one wonders that he excelled to a point where he could do miracles in his field. He lived a very successful life and an unmatched record of doing big projects almost all over the globe and left behind a treasure of admirers. He no doubt did a great service to the humanity in his field as kind of distinction does not come by easily.
I was bestowed with a great opportunity of working closely with him on Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project. He was a good friend of mine. I have no hesitation to say that his likes are very rare, if any. He will be remembered for times to come.
This is really a testing time for his family and nears and dears and I pray to Al-Mighty Allah to provide his family due solace to bear the loss.
Please convey my heart –felt sentiments to his family.”

From Syed Munsif Shah, T4CJV – Civil Resident Engineer on site

“We are deeply shocked by the sad demise of Mr. Henry. No doubt he was a legend, excellent manager with so many qualities that we cannot count in numbers. Of course very hard to replace, a very good teacher, completely dedicated to the project. so much so that till the death, he was in touch with us to discuss and guide the routine problems at site. He gave us a shelter like a loving father.
We shall do our best to follow the paths and achieve the targets set by him for the project.”

From Waseem Iqbal, Resident Engineer (Geology)

“Henry was an extremely likable and friendly person, performing his work constantly with great professionalism based on his long experience and sharp insight, always for the best of the project and the circumstances.
I had hoped to meet Henrique again in our earthly existence and possibly work with him again somewhere but that will have to wait now ! May Henrique rest in peace.”

From Gudmundur Petursson who worked in the Landsvirkjun Project in Iceland

“It was very sad news :(.
Mr. Henrique helped me at every step.
I have learned many things from him, He was my teacher.
He hide his sickness and pain from us for Project, We will never forget him. May God rest his soul in peace and paradise.”

From Muhammad Usman Babar – Contracts Assistant

“He had a very successful career under his belt. Everybody was impressed with his knowledge, knowhow and experience. He led his team as Construction Manager very successfully. He was a thorough good person.
No doubt MML will feel his departure for a long time.
Also, his family has lost a caring and loving person. Everybody around him will remember him for decades to come.
Please also convey my sentiments to the family of departed soul.”

From Iqbal Masood Siddiqui, WAPDA General Manager for Tarbela Dam Project

“We all appreciated Henrique for his professional work and human quality.
Please accept our sincere condolences.”

From Mohamed Monkachi, Coyne et Bellier (Joint Venture Partner with Mott MacDonald) – Project Director based in Paris

“Henrique was known to many people for his engineering expertise, and he was so well thought of as a person. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.”

From Lydia S. Reca, Administrative Assistant, International Dams & Hydropower, MWH

“On behalf of Andritz Pakistan we offer our heartily condolences over the sad demise of Mr. Henrique Perez. We had long standing relationship since Ghazi Barotha Project.
He will be remembered always in hydropower world and in Pakistan!! May his soul Rest in Peace.”

From Iftikhar Ahmad, Andritz Pakistan

“I have no words for how great was Mr. Henrique Perez. He was a man of many qualities and I can never ever forget his kindness to me. I am feeling it too difficult to carry on my present job without him and finding it hard to move forward. I pray that God may rest Mr. Henrique Perez’s soul in peace.”

From Abdul Majeed, T4CJV – Senior Contracts Administrator on site

From Family and Friends

“[Uncle Henry] was such an incredible man, so funny, deeply kind, ridiculously intelligent, incredibly hard working, loving, great fun, mischievous, had the most wonderful voice, natural musician, excellent dancer, strength of mind and body, and the most amazing memory for jokes.
I could not have wished for a better Uncle, Godfather and role model. He had such a profound love for family, a deep determination and commitment to excellence with his work, a lust for life, and constantly wanting to bring joy and laughter to others. He was an exceptional man.
Uncle Henry was so fantastic at our wedding, cracking jokes, making everyone feel welcome and included, “cuatro” and maracas aficionado and acting as official translator – he pretty much married us! I’ll always cherish the times I spent with him, and I’m so glad James and Emily got to meet him.

From Valerie, his niece, Maria’s daughter

“Sometimes in our lives we are blessed in that we meet and spend time in the presence of exceptional people. Henry was without doubt such a man. An incredibly talented and hard working civil engineer, held in the highest regard across the world in his profession.
He played such an important and unforgettable role at our wedding. Your family made my family and friends feel so welcome and included at the wedding and Henry was incredible in the way he united the English and Spanish speaking families with subtle humour and sensitivity to all present. Whether he was up on the altar translating the wedding vows, or dancing with the band at the reception playing the quatro and Maracas. Valerie and I were so blessed to have him there, and I think he played as important a role as Padre Gamboa in making sure everything ran smoothly. Henry was the man whom everyone wanted to be seated next to at meal times, he always had something humorous to say, and was charming excellent company.
A wonderful man, who will always be an example to all of us as to how life should be lived, to the full, that every opportunity must be grasped with both hands. Every moment I have spent in Henry’s company, my life has been enriched by the experience. Henry’s memory and spirit will always live on with us.

From James Parnis, Valerie’s husband, Henry’s nephew-in-law

“See the Remembrances page to read the poem he wrote about Henry’s life

From David Garford, Maria’s husband, Henry’s brother-in-law

“We met Henry and Pat during 2001/2 working together on a hydroelectric project in Pakistan. Henry was the construction manager.
One of the first things we learned was that Henry and Pat were formidable golfers. They managed to get most of us playing and enjoying golf, even if we were just rookies. We enjoyed some fun times with them and we have kept in touch, mainly with Pat through emails where we followed Henry’s movements.
Some things we remember:
– He was a good leader and manager. He successfully held together a large multicultural team supervising a very challenging Chinese contractor. Meetings were always entertaining when Henry was around
– He navigated his way through the intrigues and cultural issues of living and working in Pakistan, no mean feat especially post 9/11
– His command of the English language was sublime; better than most English speakers (Pat – a great teacher! – no doubt)
– He was a raconteur with an endless supply of great jokes – there was no shortage of laugher around Henry, he was fun, his smile said it all
– A couple of Henry’s culinary delights when Pat was away included a 5 minute lunch; apple omeletes made in a drinking glass, cooked in the microwave; grated apple and tinned salmon salad a-la-Henry eaten on the run – thus freeing up more time for golf
Henry leaves a large void, our deepest condolences and best wishes to Pat, Drew, Henry Jr. Michelle and the rest of the family. Rest in Peace, Henry, we will remember you always.

From Mike & Marlene Richards – Friends from New Zealand A Tribute to Henry Perez

“Mary and I met Henry and Pat on a Owensboro Kentucky golf course several years ago. We shared dinner that evening becoming good friends as we lived on opposite sides of #8 Fairway.
Henry was a engaging fellow with an easy laugh. His vast knowledge and work experience made for very interesting conversations. Even though we were neighbors for only three years, we remained good and close friends over the years. We miss Henry and pass along our best wishes to Pat and the family. May he rest in peace.”

From Ed & Mary Riney

“It’s a long time since we used to play golf at Tarbela but we still have very fond memories of the good times we shared with you there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.”

From Allan & Ursula Marshall